Monday, August 27, 2012 is now open for registration

The company I work for decided to establish its presence in USA. So, please welcome a new player in the international market of content filtering solutions: SafeDNS. Strictly speaking, we are still in beta and need YOU to help us kill the last bugs.

This service can be useful if you want to protect yourself or your kids against accidentally opening sites with unsuitable content. Or, to prevent your employees from wasting time at work on such things as social networking and videos. Or even to evade a bad filter set up by your ISP :)

We have more than 4 mln sites sorted into more than 50 categories, and it's you who decides what to block and what to let through. All you need is an e-mail address, a public static IPv4 address on your router and the ability to change DNS settings on your computers.

Register now (it's free!), read the guide, and help us improve the service by sending feedback.

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